About Madre Nature


 Natural Products to Restore Your Health, as Mother Nature Intended.

Madre Nature is a family-owned business that has its roots in the heart of Peru! We are passionate about providing health and beauty products that enhance our customers’ wellness and exuberance for life!

That’s why we hand select most of our products from the Amazon rainforest and Andes Mountain regions!

We know that the herbs and plants we select are wildcrafted from nutrient-rich organic soil found in the high altitudes of the Andes and the optimal humidity of the Amazon rainforest; and we know that they are untouched by pollutants and chemicals, are USDA-certified organic and non-GMO, are gluten-free and vegan, and are among the finest supplements available worldwide. At Madre Nature, our top priority is staying updated on new organic health and beauty products that support our customers’ health concerns and benefit their wellness. We provide information on each and every item we offer, as well as offer blogposts that delve deeper into the benefits and characteristics of highlighted products; for example, the three different varieties of Maca and how to select which will be of most benefit to you! We are in the process of establishing a charitable fund so we can help support Peru through projects involving child homelessness and hunger. More details coming soon on this effort!


Madre Nature is partnering with a charitable organization in the Andes that provides sustainable jobs for the indigenous people of the Andes mountain region, and is especially focused on eliminating child homelessness and hunger. With every product that you order from Madre Nature, you are taking part in this project, as a percentage of the sale goes to support the very people who grow, tend, and harvest your supplements!

At Madre Nature, we take the health and wellness of our customers and our planet very seriously, and support ecologically-conscious and peaceful choices in every product we carry! Please enjoy our website, take a look at our products, and become a part of the Madre Nature family!


“ Natural Products to Restore Your Health, as Mother Nature Intended.


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