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– Discounts.
– Sharemail.

– Embocaps NOP. April is the decision if Pullalin can be used for USDA Organic certification.

– QL-120 $10k.
– Winder: $1,795. 10% discount
– Software to generate nutritional facts.
– Software called Bartender to pull ingredients from DB.

– Filler: 13k
– Capper: #3k.
– Labeler: $5.

– Softgel will be pullin.
– Softgel will be part of nonGMO project.
– 6 weeks USDA Organic Facility.
– Target BSO Price Vegan 120ct: $3.25. (vs. 5.50).
– PLAN: 8oz BSO Tolling.

– 2.43% Cold Pressed.
– They own their own fields.
– Essential oils have higher, bitter taste and smell and can have higher TQ.
– Low to High TQ: Syria, India, Africa, Turkish.
– AH 5TQ does not mean 5% TQ. AH is turkish, and uses contract farmers.
– Syria/India oil = Soft in taste. Africa/Turkey = Burns.
– Turkey burns once, and then is smooth.
– Africa burns twice, upon taste, and down the throat.
– UK wants only the soft, syrian product.
– NO has a darker oil, and a lighter oil. When filtering through carton/paper, the color becomes brighter.
– BSO flowers in May/June
– NO has a 5 million m2 plant for black seed and oils.
– MN BSO Taste Test: Ours is unfiltered. Too much residue, and too soft in taste. Too much residue breaks down and created peroxide.
– Turkish seeds are larger than African seeds.
– BSO seeds is used in bakerty, on top of Ramadan Brean.
– Turkish seeds is guaranteed, NO gives the seeds to the farmers.
= Top Sellers:
– Rosehip is grown in Turkey and Chile.
– Pomegranate.
– Apricot Seed Oil.
– Cherry Kernel Oil.
– Strawberry Seed Oil.
– Sage oil.
– Juniper oil.
– Thyme Oil.
– Myrtle Oil (Antiseptic).
– Natural Oils are cold pressed. Essential Oils are steam distilled.
– Hexane free means that sometimes the mash is treated with solvents to extract out the last few percent, 2nd extract.
– Lavendar (Lavendula) is for perfume/aroma, whereas Intermedin (Lavendin) is for theraputic.
– NO knows Katyani and it is not bad.
– Historically BSO climbed up to $20/kg… but now anything more than $11/kg is to high.
– Pesticides are tested before seeds are purchased, and then after the pressing..
– Smallest batch is 2-3 tons. A farm will be a batch… they don’t mix origins.
– BSO is affected by climate/rain. TQ is higher in Africa due to intense sun/heat.
– When BSO is stressed, it grows faster, and this rises the TQ, 15cm plant vs 50-80cm plant.
– Develop 250ml (8.3oz) BSO premium ‘mercedes’ and 500ml. Black cap with logo. Shiek box.
– NO: They will do the Softgel.
– Organic Laurel Leaf Oil

– Damien used to do capsules, but due to pharmacy laws in Peru doesn’t. He wants to get back into this business.
– 1MM Black Maca capsules, we have about 4 months of inventory.
– 500k Red Maca capsules.
– 500k Camu Camu capsules.
– Maca Max: Mixture of Black Maca, Chuchuwasi (vaculator), and huanarpo (I think).
– Black Maca powder.
– Red Maca powder.
– Camu Camu 8oz and 16oz powder.
– Moringa Project, Damien has a partner that grows jalapeno and chili for Tabasco.

– Palko. Submit info.
– UNFI. Rangeme. Contact them.

LEGAL: Haight
– Need supplier agreements.



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