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What are Adaptogens?


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Madre Nature Admin Comment posted on 4/04/2019

Adaptogens are a unique group of healing plants that have been used for thousands of yearsto help balance, restore and protect the body. They do not force the body into any particulardirection, but instead, they assist the body’s own balancing and healing mechanisms.The definition of “adaptogen” contains three criteria. (1) An adaptogen is safe to use in allproportions. (2) An adaptogen helps restore homeostasis – the middle ground betweenexhaustion and over-stimulation. (3) An adaptogen works in “non-specific ways”, meaning itcontains so many biologically active substances of use to so many body processes that eachadaptogen assists several of the body’s organs and systems.This is unlike the modern pharmaceutical paradigm of “one disease – one target in the body –one cure-all treatment molecule”

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